New Kids On The Block Vol.1

It has officially been four months since my last wave of new artists. I thought I’d bring you guys some new heat for the holiday season. This time around, I’ve decided to spice things up a little by showing some love to the people who bring visual ideas to life. Along side my usual artists […]

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NKOTB: Bene2x

Name: Bene2x (formerly known as Spider) Age: 18 Location: Pittsburgh, PA (SouthSide) How did you come up with the name Bene2x? “I’m usually known as Spider or Spider2real …My new name is Bene2x (bene two times). I choose this name because I recently got shot 2 times on Dec. 6th. Now every time I hear […]

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New Kids On the Block: Doc Strange

Name: Doc Strange Age: 26 Location: Bryan, TX Where are you from? “I grew up in Bryan, TX and attended Texas A&M University, but I’m currently splitting my time between Houston and Denver working on music, starting companies, and building the LOVETHECLINIC brand.” How’d you come up with your stage name? “Benedict Cumberbatch came to […]

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NKOTB: Rocko Seymour

Name: Rocko Seymour Age: 24 “I’m 24 and proud of it. I hate when people lie about their age or are ashamed of aging. Wisdom comes with age, why are people ashamed of that?” Location: Brooklyn, NY (ENY & Williamsburg)  What drew you to the film industry? “It was either having sex with dates in […]

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New Kids On the Block: NV

Name: NV Age: 24 “I’m 24 years old, turning a quarter century in April ♉️😈” Location: Brooklyn, NY (Born and Raised) Who is NV Real? “NV is my birth name, Naeem (N) and a salute to my grand pops name, Victor (V). Victor Mack is an alias I use and is the character of my […]

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