I’m Mighty, your average 26 year old chick from Flatbush, Brooklyn. To be honest, I didn’t think Digital Media would be my niche in the slightest. I created this blog simply to share my interests in music but in turn, I found my love an my passion for media. I love getting to know artists on a personal level and engaging in their craft from their perspective.

My blog has become a platform for many underground locals and upcoming artists trying to find ways to network and build their brand. My sole purpose is to help create larger networking platforms for artists all over the world. Music is a universal language that everyone can relate to.


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  1. To whom it may concern,
    Hey, My name is Indigo Monet, I’m a singer/songwriter & dancer based out of NY & LA. I just dropped a new song called Phoenix! & I’d love if you could consider featuring it on your blog! Below I’ve attached some basic info, as well as my soundcloud link to the song. To see more content, visit my website at:

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

    Name: Indigo Monet
    Age: 22
    Location: NY/LA
    Soundcloud LINK: https://soundcloud.com/indigomonet/phoenix

    Random Info: Somewhere between 90’s Afrofuturism, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, the motherland and the cosmic heaven lives the Alien Queen Indigo Monet. With her third eye activated, and mind elevated, her soothing sounds and intense lyrics always convey a deep emotional message of love, triumph, revolution, divinity, self-worth, dignity, and enlightenment. After not releasing any music for over a year, she just dropped this smooth banger, titled “Phoenix” (prod. by Nassor “Hip-Hop Genius” Isom), about a guy who thought he was a soon-to-be king but was really still a toad. Look out for her upcoming EP #BleuDreamZtheEP, coming summer 2016!


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