Pattie Dayz

Name: Pattie Dayz

Age: 24

Location: Brooklyn, NY (raised in Harlem)


I was first introduced to Pattie Dayz’ work through a mutual friend, Cornielio Ocatvious, on Facebook. He posted a piece of her artwork from her ‘CornPatties’ series and I’ve been drawn in ever since. The series features herself and Cornelio in multiple scenarios, all of which are completely different from the last.

Pattie’s work is very colorful and full of life. She take her everyday perspectives of life and turns them into amazing art in cartoon form. With Pattie’s imagination and creativity being the topic of discussion, we were able to connect and talk about her creations through an interview.

Here’s what we had to say:

How did art become such a huge part of your life?

“Well let’s see… I’ve been drawing since forever. I used to draw like Dragon Ball Z characters with the muscles and Super Saiyan hair, but I would say that it’s always been a part of my life.

I really sat down, i’d say about last year February, and was like ‘I wanna be a better artist….I wanna know how to draw real figures,’ but I ended up just drawing cartoons, so I embraced it. I like cartoons, you know. They bring a smile and joy to the faces of others.”


I know that it can be pretty hard for people to draw themselves, so I’m curious… How did you become one of the main characters in your own artwork?

“Well, that’s the main reason I don’t really have the inspiration to draw others like that.

To draw yourself is one of the hardest things, but if you take a look at Frida Kahlo, she painted nothing but self images and images of her lover. I did a project on her when I was in like the 5th grade, so I guess you can say that I kept that in my subconscious and imitated it.”


Your series #CornPatties really drew my attention and curiosity. What’s the significance of this particular series?

“Cornpatties came about one day when I was with Cornelio Octavious. I was drawing this image of us, but on a couch, and he made me push myself to add more details to the drawing, and more color.

I started off with ‘Patties of Corn’ and just played around with it for a while, then he mentioned ‘Cornpatties,’ so thats how it came about… from just a joke that turned into an actual series”

Your artwork is so unique and I love how you keep it very playful. I want to know from where do you draw your inspiration?

“Honestly, my inspiration comes from my day to day life, what goes on in my life and  the things I think of.

I believe my brain and my imagination are a very interesting place. Sometimes music inspires me and brings images to my imagination and I draw them.”


What’s your favorite thing to draw?

“I actually don’t have a favorite thing to draw. Honestly, many of souls have asked me that and I always shrug my shoulders in uncertainty.

So, I’ll say this… My favorite things to draw comes from my soul…. So every image you see is my favorite because it came from my soul.”

If you could do a collaboration with anyone, who would it be?

“I mean… I honestly would have to take a trip back in time to about 1930 -1950s Mexico. I would want to collaborate with Frida Kahlo. She’s my favorite painter and also my inspiration for my self portraits.”

Fun Fact

“Aside from drawing, I’m an awesome photographer. That’s actually another reason I started seriously drawing… to capture images in my imagination that couldn’t be photographed.”


Click HERE to see Pattie’s Art Gallery.

Contact Info

Instagram: @Pattie_dayz

Facebook: Pattie Mayonnaise


 Music Mix by: @omgcornelio


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