Kalonji LAW$ of NYC LAW$

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Kalonji LAW$ of NYC LAW$ has just released his latest track “DA$HWAY,” featuring Thai John and produced by Nish, which will be featured on his debut solo project “SPED X”. SPED X is a project that Kalonji LAW$ has been working on his entire rap career, and he’s finally ready to release it. According to Kalonji and his manager Dizz Taylor, this project is a reflection of his life as it is so far, and how he sees things through his own perspective.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 5.31.42 PMNYC LAW$ is an upcoming hip hop collective straight out of Brooklyn, NY. NYC LAW$ represents their city through their title, along with the acronym (L).OVE (A).LWAYS  (W).IN($), which spells out the word “LAW$.” The original name of the group was the OUTLAW$, considering they were always outsiders and never followed the crowd, but eventually they changed the name because of misidentification with other groups of similar titles.

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“The crowd always followed us, so we made a cold ass group lol . Me, my bro Tex, and one of my other close brothers Abe, who’s a photographer, were able to form up this group.”

I’ve had the chance to catch up with Kalonji LAW$ for a little bit of information on his upcoming projects and what we can expect from himself and the NYC LAW$ in the near future. Here’s what he had to say: 

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 How did you come up with the name Kalonji, and what does it mean?

“I got the name Kalonji from my uncle . It means a young prince from Africa. It was also inspired by the Reggae artist Sizzla.”

Where in Brooklyn are you from?

“I was born in the 90z section of Brooklyn…then moved to Flatbush when I was about 7.”


I know the NYC LAW$ is a strong creative group, but what role do you play within the LAW$?

“My purpose is to keep the group together and to keep us focused on making great music.”

So, how exactly do you manage to stand out in such a unique group of individuals?

“Everybody in NYC LAW$ has different flows, and we all have a unique style within the group which merges us together as one. I have a deep, unique voice with powerful lines and straight forward lyrics, so that’s how I’m different from the others.”


What are you currently working on?

“I’m working on my debut project, SPED X, which will be dropping this summer. “SPED X” is about mental illness, gang culture, drug culture, self consciousness, and fly shit.

You can look forward to some raw truth, infused with a reggae sound, and me being able to show that everyone is “sped,” (slow in learning, handling multiple tasks, or just by making mistakes) and to embrace your own insecurities.”

What can we expect from the NYC LAW$ in the near future?

“We’re all working on individual projects and we have a group project coming up. You can look out for that anytime now.

Also, look out for more shows, tours, and merchandise being released soon. I just released my merchandise called “DA$HBOYZ,” and we just finished our local tour called the “DA$HWAY TOUR.”

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Look Out for new work from the Kalonji and the NYC LAW$ this summer! Special Shoutout to Dizz Taylor!

Contact Info

Instagram: @KalonjiNyc


Instagram: @NycLawsWorldwide

SoundCloud: NYC LAW$



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