Name: Danyosonn

Age: 24

Location: Brooklyn, NY (Bedstuy)


How’d you come up with the name Danyosonn?

“Funny story… My first music mentor around 12 – 13 always called me Danyosonn, I hated it in a funny way. He had to leave town for a couple years, but I continued my craft met another music mentor about 2 years later. This guy randomly started calling me the same name, Danyosonn, making fun of my name/nickname. It grew on me.

The fans love it, so I fuck with it.”


Who is your music targeted towards?

“I see my music targeting both young and older crowds, mainly because I tend to do diverse tracks to purposely appeal to the vast. I love music, so whatever mood I’m in is whatever that comes out, but don’t worry, it’s all real.”

What keeps you going?

“What keeps me going is that I’m not a quitter. If I enjoy something, I want to do it forever….Like it’s never just going to work if you love your job, kinda vibe.”


Where do you get the ideas for your music?

“My ideas usually come from experiences or situations that occur that allow me to either elaborate and tell or articulate and create a story.”

If you could change anything about the “come up” process, what would it be?

“If I could change the come up process, I would eliminate all the scammers and people who feed off of dreams. The path would be much clearer and trust worthy.”


Name one person you would love to collaborate with & why?

“I would love to collaborate with 50 cent. He’s from the hood and still very diverse… I fuck with the business mind. Reminds me of what I’m shooting for.”

Fun Fact:

“I love to dance! Iz ah Trini! lol”

Contact info:

Email: Musicnsz629@gmail.com
SoundCloud: Music Never Sleepz
Youtube: UandDent
Instagram: @therealdanyosonn & @Musiqnsz
Twitter: @Musicnsz

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