New Kids On the Block: Ozzy Thr33

Name: Ozzy Thr33


“I don’t really like giving away my age because I feel like people try to belittle my intelligence and downplay my character based on that, you know?

Just know I’m 33 in the soul.”

Location: Brooklyn, NY


Where are you From?

“I was originally born in Buffalo, New York, so I always take a visit out there as all my family is out there and stuff….But I’ve lived in NYC since I was about 2, so Brooklyn is my true home, feel me?”


How did you come up with the name Ozzy Thr33?

“Well, I consider the Wizard of Oz to be one of the greatest films ever made, especially for it’s time. Since I was a kid I always loved the true meaning behind it because it was so ahead of its time and had a lot of symbolism.

Osbourne is my guy, so that’s basically how the Ozzy part came about. As for “Thr33,” the number 3 in general has deep meaning to me. 33 is the highest master number in numerology and holds true value, so y’all can go and do some research on it.”

Describe your sound in 3 words.

“Reflective, progressive, wavy.”


What keeps you motivated?

“On some real shit, putting my mom in a better and more stable environment physically and financially. And the vision of thousands of people fucking with my shit. That’s calm.”

How do the ladies affect your music, if at all?

“Oh I LOVE the ladies. That’s my weakness, feel me? Haha. The first track I put out titled “What A Day” was about a girl, so that says something. If you a calm jawn hit me up juhurr.”


How did Interstellar come about?

“I was just vibing through beats and stuff and then I came across that one, and when I did it just hit me automatically. It was one of those moments ya dig? The concept and hook and everything immediately hit me. Truesay, it didn’t even come out exactly how I wanted it to, but I was happy with the overall product. Y’all could go bump that haha.”


What do you enjoy the most about being an artist?

“The ability to be able to express myself. That sounds mad cliche and shit, but it’s real. I don’t only make music. Film, art, pro wrestling, graphic designing and fashion are all passions of mine that I dab into regularly. Whether it be related to my music or on its own, I’m able to convey how I truly feel, though all of those outlets are pretty dope and essential to my sanity in a sense.

In all honesty, I could never picture myself working a normal 9-5, so my creativity is pretty important to me. Being able to just inspire other people and have them show their appreciation for my work is what keeps me going. Like that’s what makes it all worth it. When I have people from France or Germany or Canada hitting me up telling me they fuck with the movement, That’s love!”


Fun Fact:

“Adele is in my top 5 favorite artists.”

“Furthermore I have some new music dropping very soon for the people as I wrap up my debut project “Mind Over Matter” set to release in 2017.

Also, me and my brother ANT-Tagonist have our clothing line “FEAR Clothing Co.” dropping in the beginning of the year so be on the lookout for that. Overall a new wave of content for the culture is on the way.”

Contact Info:

Instagram: @OzzyThr33

Twitter: @OzzyThr33

FB: Ozzythr33

SoundCloud: OzzyThr33


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