NKOTB: Headphone Jones

Name: Headphone Jones

Age: 24

Location: Cape Coral, Fl. (Born in the Bx, NY)


How did Headphone Jones come about?

“I was rapping under the alias “City MC” for a while, but I just outgrew it I guess. Headphone Jones came from my love of music, my attention to audible detail, and my love for headphones.

When you’re walking down the street bumpin’ your favorite record and you got a good pair of over-ear headphones on, there’s nothing that can stop that. When you see someone with ear buds in, singing as loudly as they please with not a give-a-damn in the world, nothing can stop that.”


How did you get into rapping?

“My first memories were in the Bronx, so of course there had to be some hip-hop involved. When I moved to the Cape I took the music and culture with me. I would memorize lyrics to all the new hip-hop songs very quickly.

At 6-7 years old I was breaking down flows without thinking about it. As I got older I would write some stuff here and there, but nothing I took seriously.

When I was 11-12, one of my homies built a studio in his crib. We didn’t know what the fuck we were doing. When it came time for everyone to lay their verses I went last. I swear I look back and i’m like “Damn that was the worst verse in life.” But back then all my homies were like “Damn bruh you know how to put them words together.”

Fast forward a year or two later, music was getting really saturated. A lot of dancing and gangstas in skinny jeans. It wasn’t about the lyrics and delivery anymore. I needed that hip-hop sound back so I decided to create it myself….And here we are.”


What keeps you motivated?

“Family and friends mostly. Aside from that, just the need to leave something great behind. No one wants to die and be forgotten. We all want to live hundreds of years past our deaths, you feel me? Legacy is important.

I’d like to build something my kids and their kids can capitalize on. It’s bigger than money! I would love for people to be able to say that I brought positivity to whatever I was involved in. Positivity and weed.”


How would you describe yourself as a creative?

“As far as lyrics go, I utilize every syllable. I tried to have multiple flows down at an early age because that was the coolest shit to me. When Ludacris would rap slow on one song and then max out his flow on the next, I thought that was so dope.

I still have some growing to do as an artist, but knowing that makes the creative process go a lot smoother. It eliminates that fear to try new shit. It gives me the capability of saying “That sounded cool let’s keep that.” or “That sounded wack i’m never trying that again.”

The beat has to make me want to spend time on it. If you see me immediately start writing than I fuck with the beat. If you have to ask me “What happened to that one song?” chances are I didn’t fuck with the beat, I’ve moved on, and that was three songs ago.”


How did you come up with the concept for your Knee Deep video?

“I’m blessed to have a dope group of creative minds who’ve helped me. We actually had a couple different ideas for the Knee Deep video, but we wanted to go with whatever looked the most reckless. We also thought it would be dope to have two beautiful women causing havoc rather than doing the typical.

It was pretty cool walking into stores and pawn shops and saying “Can we rob your store on camera?” We knew if we could pull it off it would look great, and it did.”


What makes you stand out as an artist? What’s your greatest quality?

“I do what I want. Some are trying to appeal to the masses and i’m learning to get past that. When you can be yourself it can’t be duplicated. I’m ready to be the one and only Headphone Jones. The thoughts I mull over on a daily basis could never be emulated. Aside from that i’ve spent my whole life looking at hip-hop as an art and science type thing. This shit is surgical to me forreal.”

A fun fact about yourself

Graduated Class Clown 2010. (I actually fucking love stand-up comedy)

Contact Info:

Instagram: @Headphone_Jones

Twitter: @_HeadphoneJones

FB: HeadphoneJones

SoundCloud: Headphone Jones

iTunes: Headphone Jones

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