NKOTB: Rocko Seymour

Name: Rocko Seymour

Age: 24

“I’m 24 and proud of it. I hate when people lie about their age or are ashamed of aging. Wisdom comes with age, why are people ashamed of that?”

Location: Brooklyn, NY (ENY & Williamsburg)


 What drew you to the film industry?

“It was either having sex with dates in movie theaters as a youth, having my dad take me and my brother to the movies every weekend, or being a critic and always feeling like I had better stories that could be told. I felt like my visions were more unique and necessary to be displayed for our entertainment.”


How would you describe your filming style?

“Abstract. I really value hearing individual interpretations, so when I produce something I do my best to make sure I involve elements like symbolism or color theory.

If I have room I’ll even go as far as giving the characters names that have meanings relating to their purpose in the story.”

Still from the electro-dub recording artist VIIK from her music video “Way Down”

What makes your work unique?

“What makes my work unique is that I allow each project to be its own world. Some would believe that in doing so, you appear to be without a signature, however I find that doing so actually displays your signature. The elements you subconsciously and consciously chose to use, will always show in all of your work.”


If you could go back 5 years in time, what would you say to yourself?

“You already know it won’t always be like this, stay humble. You’re not at your prime yet, you’re still warming up but that’s a good thing because that means down the line you’re going to be a world class mother fucker.”


What’s your favorite thing to shoot? Why?

“Anything that requires a unique perspective on the situation being shot.

I don’t like shooting things that are color by number. I like the feeling of manifesting unique visions like something that I feel I have never seen before. I have no interest in duplicating aesthetic, it’s a waste of your existence.”


If you could work with anyone in the industry (film or music), who would it be and why?

“Hands down, Kanye west!

I feel like he uses the music video medium so well. His library of music videos alone can display various formats of style when it comes to what we consider acceptable or enjoyable for a music video, which is that they never have to be reminiscent of anything we’ve seen before.

Every one of his videos could be for a different artist, but they’re all for him and they display his evolution. I feel like he chooses his directors and content wisely and he never duplicates anything he made prior nor anything that anyone else has done so it leaves room for new bizarre ideas. Which means there’s room for me!”


Fun Fact:

“I’m a huge fan of professional wrestling. I go to local and major shows. I love that shit, the performance, the sacrifice, the branding… It’s so indicative of the human condition.”

SUPREME CINEMA REEL 2016 from Supreme Cinema on Vimeo.

Contact Info:

Website: Supreme-Cinema.com
Vimeo: Vimeo.com/Shootsupreme

Photo cred. @curtisbryant_


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