New Kids On the Block: NV

Name: NV

Age: 24

“I’m 24 years old, turning a quarter century in April ♉️😈”

Location: Brooklyn, NY (Born and Raised)

Artist/Producer/Sound Engineer

Who is NV Real?

“NV is my birth name, Naeem (N) and a salute to my grand pops name, Victor (V).

Victor Mack is an alias I use and is the character of my music. Basically it’s Naeem that goes thru the experience, NV turns it into the music, Victor Mack represents Naeem as a character.”

What does music mean to you?

“Music means everything to me! That shit is the soundtrack to real life. Just how music can bring out emotions from the different textures in sound and how it creates connections with words is a dope experience.”


What goes through your mind while making a beat?

“Most of the time when I’m making a beat, I’m going off the vibe.

I play around wit some sounds or samples that match the mood that I’m in, then I just keep building textures off of that. Some beats take 30 mins and some take 5 to 6 months…It’s all about the vibe.”

Describe your sound in 3 words.

Watch The Throne! Lol . Nah I would say…Dark, Fresh & Wavy”


If you were to go main stream, what would you want to be known for?

“Known as that guy that make dope raps, dope beats & dope soundscapes. Just constantly wanting to elevate sound whenever I’m apart of it.”

Name someone you would love to collaborate with & why?

“Daft Punk.

I’ve been a fan of them for a minute, but really recently I thought about how dope that collab would be. The way they’re able to recreate themselves throughout the decades is wavy, so I feel like my ideas with their synthesized input on a track would lock down the place. I got mad other collab ideas as well but the Daft one is fresh in my mind.”


Fun Fact:

Whoever my girl is at the time, love it when Henny is in me. 😈

Any upcoming projects?

My project “19” is going through the recording and editing stages, but the 1st single + a bonus cut will be released before the year is over!

Look out for the works coming up with YNVS’ artist Brooke Lynne (IG: @missbrooke2u), with TEV (IG: @creativeboytev) and with other up and coming artists.

Do As I Please – Creative Boy TEV Feat. NV & Yellow Zoo

Contact Info:

Twitter: @NVtheRealDeal

Soundcloud: NVtheRealDeal


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