New Kids On The Block: Decembur Jones

Name: Decembur Jones

Age: 27

Location: Staten Island, NY


How’d you come up with your stage name?

“I mean… I didn’t really come up with a stage name…A nigga just using his last name. I don’t really believe in stage names. I just like getting straight to the point.

One day, a nigga decided to throw the Decembur in front of it, because it’s my born month, and it’s spelled “Decembur” on some cliche shit, cuz my music is sooo fucking cold…(at least I think so).”


How did rap become a part of your life?

“Rap is there, but music has mainly been a part of my life since I could understand melodies and lyrics of all genres. My dad played music nonstop, 24/7.

Then when I got to high school, I met one of my best friends who was into music heavy, rapping and performing. I didn’t really take it seriously because I was into other shit and I didn’t know I had this talent….

…Until one night he invited me to the studio and told me to come up with a hook and a chorus for one of his upcoming singles. It’s been lit since then, and the studio became my favorite place to be.”


What inspires you?

“Fashion, family, Kanye West, certain drugs, social media… but mainly that fact that I can make myself a brand and be successful is the main thought that inspires me .”


Describe your sound in 3 words.

“Barbaric, Raunchy ,Uptempo”


If you were to go main stream, what would you want to be known for?

“For staying true to my sound, staying true to myself, and putting the next entrepreneur on.”


Name one person you would love to collaborate with & why?

“I would wanna collaborate with Kanye West because I know we wouldn’t just focus on one collaborative idea.

He’s the Michael Jackson of my era. We’d collaborate on music, art, fashion, performance, and other shit like lighting, staging and design.


Fun Fact

“I ride BMX “

Contact Info:

Instagram: @DecemburJones

Facebook: Decembur Jones


Snapchat: DecemburJones


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