NKOTB: Bene2x

Name: Bene2x

(formerly known as Spider)

Age: 18

Location: Pittsburgh, PA (SouthSide)


How did you come up with the name Bene2x?

“I’m usually known as Spider or Spider2real …My new name is Bene2x (bene two times).

I choose this name because I recently got shot 2 times on Dec. 6th. Now every time I hear that, I use it as motivation to push forward.”


What does rap mean to you?

“Rap means a lot to me! I been rapping since I was 13 years old. It’s my personal venting buddy.

The reason why I speak true things in my music is because it’s actually a piece of me. My music has mentally gotten me over some huge obstacles.”

What keeps you motivated?

“I got a family to feed.”


How would you describe yourself as a creative?

“Very creative I amaze myself sometimes by the type songs I make.”

If your music were to go main stream, what would you want to be known for?

“If I was to go main stream, I would want to be known for being real and talking the truth. A lot of main stream people are liars, frauds, and wannabes.”


Who would you want to collaborate with?

“Boosie, Gotti, Lucci, and ABoogie”

Fun Fact:

“I’m optimistic. 💯”


Contact Info:

Soundcloud: Bene2x
Instagram: @est.2600
Twitter: @BigBossBene
Email : bigbossbene@gmail.com

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