Too High To Riot – Bas


While searching for some old J. Cole tracks to listen to, I’ve stumbled upon a fairly new artist that goes by the name of Bas. I can definitely say, he is beyond amazing and it’s no wonder he’s signed to Dreamville.


After listening to a few J.Cole tracks on YouTube, the track Night Job, which features J.Cole, off of Bas’ latest album “Too High To Riot,” played and I immediately fell in love with it. The track was so serene with that little extra something provided by the two beast lyricists on it. The mixture was phenomenal. Bas and Cole blend so well together. I was quite amazed by the track and was forced to immediately listen to everything that I could find by Bas.


The Sudanese rapper was born in Paris, France but moved to Queens, NY at the age of 8. Bas released his first mixtape, “Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. 1,” back in 2011. He followed up his debut mixtape with his second project, “Quarter Water Raised Me Vol.2,” in 2013.

Bas was featured on J.Cole’s “Born Sinner” album back in 2013, on the track “New York Times,” which also featured 50 Cent. Soon after, Bas was featured on the track “Hell’s Kitchen” off of DJ Khaled’s album “Suffering from Success.”


Bas was also featured on Dreamville’s “Revenge of the Dreamers” mixtape, which led to his being signed to Interscope Records. Soon after being signed and two week’s before Bas released his debut album, he released an EP titled, Two Weeks Notice, which gave his fans a little preparation before his album release.

Bas’ first album, “Last Winter,” was released on April 29, 2014. Two years later, Bas released his 2nd studio album, “Too High To Riot,” which released earlier this year, on March 4th 2016.

Methalone – Bas

I can’t believe that I am just hearing about Bas, but… everything happens for a reason and I am more than ecstatic to share such a great new artist and his amazing work with the world. I’m looking forward to the growth of Bas as an artist. Shoutout to Bas!


Too High To Riot


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