Ricci Steez

Name: Ricci Steez

Age: 27 “Yikes!

Location: Bronx, N.Y.


How did you get into DJing and producing?

“Well coming up, I’ve always loved the idea of DJing and the creation of sound. Going to warehouse parties and sitting in studio sessions out here in N.Y sparked a lot.

Seeing so many different people come together just to let go was crazy to me… and lovely. My curiosity got me here. I ended up falling in love with this and finding something that wasn’t a phase.

So, I scrambled up some money for a lil setup in my room in the X [Bronx] and just started going at it everyday. I practiced with whatever music I had. Counting bars has been easy because I started making beats first, so beat matching and getting the tempos right came easy. I practiced in my room for about a year before my first gig.”

What’s the greatest part about what you do? / what do you enjoy about it most?

“The greatest part about DJing is the ability to move a crowd organically.

To be able to take a person you probably don’t really know for a ride and have them in a zone that you created…That’s almost like a super power.

I feel like DJs are superheroes in a way. My mission is to play a set and have you let go for that hour or so. We create the escape whatever may be troubling, stressing or hurting. Playing a song or throwing an unexpected transition in my set and hearing a crowd roar has to be top 10 feelings in life for me.

When it comes to making music, I enjoy being able to put sounds together that reflect or translate what I feel and what I may want you to hear from me and my journey.”

How do you feed your creativity to keep things fresh?

“I’m always looking for new music. It’s actually crazy how much music is out there.

DJs should have the meanest library…there really is no excuse for a weak library these days. I just experimenting with cool transitions from genre to genre, playing like… old bangers that crowds may not have heard in a while.

I love introducing new songs from artists, or new tracks from other DJ/Producers that I know for a fact hasn’t been heard yet. Seeing them bug out over a hard beat that’s not common in the city is awesome, every time.

Never doing the same thing over and over keeps it fresh and fun. I ride my bike and skate a lot. I like to listen to the area around me sometimes… and not always have my ears plugged with headphones. I keep an open mind to new sound and pay attention to the waves…. I don’t always follow the waves, but I do pay attention.”

If you could DJ anywhere in the world, where would it be?

“I wanna DJ everywhere I can in the world. I can’t wait. It’s exciting just to think about what cultures would vibe to my sets. I also just want to travel and experience different foods and people, and towns.”

Fun Fact:

“I used to keep a pokemon card in my wallet before every set. The type of pokemon it was depended on how I felt that night. But I messed up a very rare card after a wild set soooooooo hmmm.

Uhmmmm… surprising to some, my personal playlists consist of extremely sad music when I’m not DJing. A lotta love songs, breakup songs, side nigga songs, just a bunch slow and sad melodies…. they make me happy.”

Contact Info:

Website: RicciSteez.com



Instagram: @RicciSteez

Email: RicciSteezMusic@gmail.com

“Holler at me. Lol.”

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