New Kids On The Block Appreciation Month – Week 4

It’s officially the last week of my New Kids On The Block Appreciation Month and I can say it has been a pleasure working with not only this week’s artists, but all of the artists who participated and took part in my project. I want to thank you all, not only for participating, but for being such amazing people. I’ve learned that you everyone has a different story, no matter how similar their goals are… everyone has their own path. It is Monday and to give a little motivation, I want you all to know (including my readers) that you are all amazing, don’t stop what you’re doing, no matter how hard it may seem… the hard work is worth the accomplishments. Here’s my final list of amazing NKOTB for the month of August:

King Chino

Rapper / Producer


King Chino originally caught my ear with his productions on the Asiatics “’97″tape. The entire ’97 tape literally took me back to 90’s hiphop. As I listened to more of his productions, I grew fond of his use of jazz in his beats. I love how Chino plays around with instruments on his tracks, giving his instrumentals so much culture. Using the jazz or orchestral tones give him a foundation to do almost anything that he wants to a beat, which is a great quality to master in production. If you’re looking for something classic and cultured, King Chino is your guy!



self ii copy

DETAILS! Mars.exe has an off the wall talent for detailing in his beats. One of my favorite things about Mars.exe is that his beats have different levels of depth, which have such an outrageous outcome once everything is all put together. The different depths allow your ears to explore the track from different perspectives, so while you’re listening to the bass, you may be hear something very faint in the far background like low vocals or bells, giving your ears multiple things to enjoy. The darkness of Mars.exe’s track Hennessy really drew me in. It has a lot of ear play giving attention to different angles of the track. For Mars.exe to only be 20, he’s doing big things. Look out for him!

Jameel Jarvis


Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

If you’ve never been in love, or you simply don’t remember what it feels like…Jameel Jarvis will definitely give you an idea of what it’s like. Some may think of him as a ladies man, or an emotional guy, but in reality, he’s just an amazing visionary. He can take mental, physical and emotional altercations and turn them into words. As a poet, being able to capture a moment down to the smallest detail is a must, and Jarvis has that down packed . After reading his poems, I can honestly say he has embedded beautiful moments into my imagination by putting me into scenarios that I have never been in, and giving me the perfect vision solely through his beautiful words. In this industry, many people forget that rap evolved from poetry and I love that Jameel Jarvis is taking us back to the root of it all!



Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 3.22.47 PM

I have one word for DIAMXND$…incomparable. Her music is very animated and supernatural. DIAMXND$ sound gives off an electronic feel, but she’s able to switch it up by adding a thick yet dark bass to her tracks. Let’s not forget to add that she’s a female music engineer in a male dominant industry, so I give her the utmost kudos for being a fearless lady in both the music and computer tech fields. Her track “No Makeup,”made me feel as if I could almost see the sounds. It makes me feel like I was walking through the woods at the crack of dawn near a lake (kind of like a Twilight visual). If you’re down to listen to some laid back indie instrumentals, DIAMXND$ is your engineer.

Kay Anthony


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation or even both, Kay Anthony is who you should listen to. His project, “The Man That I Am Now,” was perfectly pieced together to tell a story, displaying the ups and down of his life. Anthony gives me the feel of early 2000’s hip hop where rap was a perfect blend of trend and lyricism. If you’re a fan of the story tellers, spoken word, and just deep conversational kind of artists, he’s definitely worth the listen.

King Pe$0



We’re adding another Brooklyn rapper to the list, King Pe$0. Pe$0’s track “So Much Payne”gives you a view from his perspective. With his personalized track, he tells the story of whats going on in his life. Like most stories, everything starts off great and eventually things go left, but Pe$0 lets it be known that you can overcome the “payne” if you keep going. Considering Payne is his actual name, it’s quite a clever title for such a customized track. Aside from the story teller, King Pe$0 has that classic Brooklyn style of rap and if you love Brooklyn, home of greatest rappers, then you should give King Pe$0 an ear or two.

Ricci Steez

Dj / Producer


Ricci Steez brings the FLAVOR!!!! If you want diversity, he definitely has it all…from unique “Jersey Club” J.Cole and Lauren Hill mixes to Lil Uzi Vert’s latest releases. Steez is definitely a party pleaser and will make sure that every single person in his crowd will enjoy his set. After listening to Ricci Steez’s “Banana Spliff: Ricci Steez Mix”, I am most definitely a fan! His mix took me from Brooklyn, to Jersey, to Philly, all the way to Atlanta… he even took me back in time with his old school video game audio transitions.  This guy covers the map and makes sure that you hear the hottest tracks out right now, both underground and main stream. 


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