Name: Mars.exe

Age: 20

Location: Born in Colorado, raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. (Bedstuy)

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How did you get into producing?

“I started making beats during high school, mostly out of boredom. I had a couple of rapper friends in class, and eventually we became a group. Though we never made any tracks, I grew more serious about production. Meanwhile, another classmate and friend, Dre-1Beats, was starting to make some waves in the Brooklyn hip-hop scene as a producer, and encouraged me to keep going.”

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What inspires you?

“For me, inspiration comes from all over the place… movies, art, technology, the internet, culture, etc. Whenever I hear an artist reach a new territory in sound design, I try to make that my “standard.”

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Who in the music industry inspires you?

“In terms of influences, I’m mostly inspired by artists like Madvillain, Kanye, Sydney in Theory, Arca, Crystal Castles, and Burial.”

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What do you enjoy most about producing?

“I like seeing how far I can go, sonically. When I’m making a song and it sounds like trash at first, I really like the feeling when the track starts to come alive.”

What would you say people get out of your instrumentals?

“Emotion. Emotion is something I like to explore through my music, and evoke in my listeners. When I start to “feel” and “see” the song, that’s when I feel like I’ve made something great.”

self iii

Fun Fact:

“I have been making visual art much longer than I’ve been making music, and all of my graphics so far have been done by myself.”

Contact Info:

SoundCloud: IAmNotMarshall
Twitter: @iamnotmarshall
Instagram: @mars.718
Facebook: iamnotmarshall


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