Jameel Jarvis

Name: Jameel Jarvis

Age: 21

Location: Brooklyn, N.Y. (Brownsville, Never ran, never will!)


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How did you get into poetry?

“I got into poetry from being emotional. In middle school I had to write my first official poem for English class. It was terrible to me once it came time to read it. The entire poem was me comparing the sun to a female’s beauty.

I ended up rewriting it and since then, I’ve been in love with writing poetry.”


What makes your work unique?

“Honestly, I’m not sure what makes my work unique. Out of all things, I’d probably just start with myself. I have a liking for words & being the kind of guy that I am, I guess they just fall into place.”

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What inspires you?

“My inspiration comes from my emotions, beautiful views, flowers, the female mind, beauty and personality, physical friction, & various moments in time.”


What was your first performance like?

“My first performance was actually in high school, Gramercy Arts High. It was nerve wrecking for me. I was scared, but I felt good once it was over. I got good feedback but I personally knew I needed improvement.”


Fun Fact:

“Hmm….I love flowers lol.”

Contact Info:

Instagram: @Volture95

FaceBook: Jameel K. Jarvis



We dance under this New York summer night,

we, we imagine stars above…

While birds sleep & protect,

I stare in your eyes by the water side.


Potent words like divinity lies in your eyes while feeling the truth from your heart…

Say things like you resemble the morning sun,

and when you’re highest in the sky is when I feel the closest to you.


Aura is growing like spring roses,

so I glide my hands gently against your arms raising the hair on your skin like the joy at that moment of a child’s birth…

Tell me if you’re following.


So we can gather all this space in between and make it your world to pace in.

Pigmentation in you paints the most gorgeous physical mural for thee touch.


We whisper asking time for a moment just for us,

where moments like this is more purposeful holding powerful aspects of lips creating tangible friction.


Hand picking my favorite star pinning it to your hair,

we feel the atmosphere flirting with gravity & we levitate to where the cloud reside.


You stand there all yellow and luminescent,

I deny myself shades to take in every detail of this angel I see before me.


While my heart cries with joy,

my mind dance to silent music & my eyes get lost in you I find myself falling for thee.


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