Age: 24

Location: West Detroit, Michigan (Pasadena St.)

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How did you get into producing?

“I was bored. I was at home one day listening to music and I thought to myself, ‘I can make that,’ so I did. I downloaded the GarageBand app and the rest is history!”

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What do you look forward to as a female producer in the music industry?

I look forward to not only being the face of female producers, but building a legacy for women in the field of technology and innovation.

I make beats but I’m also an architecture student. It’s all technical and a woman’s perspective needs to be showcased more often. The legacy I’m building is one that breaks stereotypes about women so that we are seen as equals and not oddities when we do something outside the box. Plus, it’s always dope to see guys faces when they find out that I’m a girl dropping heat.

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How do you feed your creativity to keep things fresh?

I watch cartoons. Whenever I’m making a beat, I watch things like SuperJail, SpongeBob…basically anything animated and abstract. They’re alternate realities where anything can happen and that pushes my music to be more far out. Since I study architecture, I also look to other forms of art such as contemporary design, fashion and even video games to spark ideas that influence my sound.

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What advice would you give to other females trying to make it in the music industry?

“Keep God first, stay true to yourself and believe in your sound.”

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Fun Fact:

“My ears move when I’m mad.”

Contact Info:

Instagram: @tropicaldiam

SnapChat: @tropicaldiam


Soundcloud: Diamxnd$


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