New Kids On the Block: Skitzo

Name: Skitzo

Age: 26

Location: Brooklyn, NY (Bedford Stuyvesant  / Crown Heights)


What makes your music unique?

“What makes my music unique is that I don’t follow trends and I like to experiment with different sounds.

All of my music is personal and sometimes, I touch topics that others wouldn’t dare to. Even though hip hop is mostly based on money, drugs, women and violence…and has been for years…I try to go outside of the box and just make it my own. That’s something we all should do artistically.”

Who’s someone you would love to collaborate with and why?

“I would love to collaborate with A$AP Ferg. His songs and his energy are always on 10! I’ve seen him perform twice and I was like… ‘YES! We have to do something together’. I’m all for the movement ‘Always Strive And Prosper’. I think it’s dope. I could see us making a bomb ass anthem.”

Fun Fact:

“I love watching the ID channel (Investigation Discovery)! If I’m not working or doing anything musically at the moment, I am binge watching that channel all day LOL”

Contact Info:

Email :

SoundCloud: WhoIsSkitzo


Twitter: @WhoIsSkitzo

YouTube: Skittlez718


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