Spotlight: Lazy Rios

Name: Lazy Rios


“Twenty something…I don’t like to keep count.”

Location: Northern VA. (Nova)

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.14.56 AMWhat makes your music unique?

“Well, if anything, I think it’s the range of shit you’ll get from me.

I want people to be able to wild out to my shit. I want people to make love to my shit. I want people to ride around and get high to my shit.”

Who is someone you’d love to collab with?

“Right now, I want to collaborate with ThoughtCrime$$$… but if I could make one call and pick whoever I want, I’d say Anderson Paak, just because he really got the sauce.”


What was your very first stage performance like?

“LOL…. My first performance, I was so stiff man. I stayed in one spot the whole time.

I was just so scared that I wouldn’t get the verse out, that I forgot to get jiggy.


Random Fact

“I fucking love older women. I’m currently trying to get my music to appeal solely to soccer moms between the ages of 38-45.”

Contact Info:

Instagram: @LazyRios

Twitter: @LazyRios

SoundCloud: LazyRios




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