New Kids On the Block: GQ Marley

Name: GQ Marley

Age: 28

Location: College Station, TX


Where are you from?

“I grew up in Eastside San Antonio,Texas and now I currently reside in College Station, Texas but plan on moving to Houston to expand my musical career.”

How did you get into hip hop?

“My brother was the first person to introduce me to hip hop music. The first rap song I’ve ever heard was 112’s “Only You” remix featuring the Notorious BIG.

From there, I fell in love with hip hop and picked up songwriting as a hobby. I used it as a way of self expression. It wasn’t until high school when I heard “The College Dropout,” which changed my outlook on music and inspired me to take music seriously.

My music is heavily influenced by lyricism and melodies, so I studied the greats of the past, as well as the top artists in the game today to develop my own sound.

My first two mixtapes “DREAM” and “DREAM 2” focused primarily on lyrics and storytelling. My upcoming EP “Side Effects,” focuses on the same elements of my previous projects, but dives more into my personal outlook on life since I’ve decided to pursue a career in music.”


What makes your music unique?

“First and foremost, it’s my story and my insight on life where I can take you on an amazing journey of a nerdy hipster who has passion for music.

My music originally focused solely on lyricism, but after years of development, I have created a unique sound that is not only clever, but evokes emotion through storytelling and lyrical prowess.

The voice is an amazing instrument that can be manipulated in so many ways. I usually start off free styling and experimenting with different melodies and lyrics to create an idea for a song, then I usually build off of that.

I always strive to be original when creating my sound because I do not want to be compared to other artists. My overall sound is very honest and entertaining to listen to. I strive to make music that motivates and inspires others to chase their dreams.”


Who’s someone you would love to collaborate with and why?

“If I could collaborate with any artist that’s in the game today, it would be Jay-Z, Kanye West, or Fabulous. Those three artists have had a heavy influence on my taste in music, plus Hov was like Biggie’s big brother.

As far as current top artists I would love to work with, I would say Drake, Big Sean, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Chance the Rapper.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.51.25 AM

What was your very first “studio” recording like?

“I’ve always prepped by rehearsing and recording my tracks using a cheap computer microphone, so when I first met Platinum PAT, the producer I currently work with exclusively, I was honestly nervous at first. He’d worked with artists like Chalie Boy and Slim Thug, so we were able to knock out tracks quickly.

I have always been a harsh critic of my own music, so initially, I was not a big fan of how I sounded on tracks at first. Through repetition and frequent experimentation, I was able to create a unique sound that my audience was able to relate and gravitate to.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.53.21 AM.png

Fun Fact:

“There are so many random things that people don’t know about me.  I’ve attended the greatest university in the state of Texas, Texas A&M University, I am a father to beautiful daughter, and I am a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.”

Contact Info:

Facebook: GQ Marley Music
IG: @GQMarley420
Twitter: @GQMarley420

Bandcamp: GQ Marley



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