Spotlight: Treyvaughn Johnson

Name: Trayvaughn Johnson

Age: 22

Location: Brooklyn, NY


 How did you become a musician?

“I became interested in being a musician when I was in the 3rd grade at P.S 67. My music teacher, Mr. Stark, let everyone in the class choose their own instruments. I chose the drums.”

 When did you become serious about drumming?

 “I became serious about drumming when I started going to The Church of The Open Door in 2007. I’m currently the drummer there.”


What’s the greatest part about playing the drums?

“The greatest part about playing the drums, is the feeling you get when you’re playing and people are nodding their heads really hard and dancing. That’s when you know your doing it right!

What I enjoy about it the most, is that I can express myself in a way that many other people can’t. Music is a language that can’t be put into words, and I love that!”


Fun Fact:

“I laugh very often… lol.”

Contact Info:

Facebook : Treyvaughn N. Johnson
Instagram: @Trey_Nasean


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