New Kids On The Block Appreciation Month – Week 2

It’s officially week two of New Kids On The Block Appreciation Month. This week I’ve had a few minor set backs and a shorter playlist, but aside from that, I have a new set of amazing artists. I gathered up a bunch of dope rappers, singers, and musicians that I’ve found throughout the week to share with you guys, and here they are…

Luxury Dreams Bars


Luxury Dreams Bars took me back to NYC with his track “Where I’m From.” Coming from NY, everything is about survival of the fittest, and Bars makes that clear through his tracks. He’s exactly what you would expect from a New York rapper, but with a hint of his Southside Queens flow.



Bishop3rd00 sound like the mixture of Mystikal and DMX vocals blended with a conscious mind. He spits things in a way that you would have to actually sit and listen to. I feel like Bishop3rd00’s flow changes with every track and that keeps his fans on their toes.

Catastrophic Bee

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.18.46 PM

Cata$trophic Bee is the first female rapper that I’ve encountered in a while. She’s pretty awesome. She has a few tracks that reminds me of an old school female rapper. Her track DBYT reminds me of a 90s rap track, simple raps, slight punch lines and lots of rhymes. In a male dominant industry, I give her props for doing it for the ladies.

Treyvaughn Johnson

Drums 3

Treyvaughn Johnson is officially my first featured musician. He’s a dope drummer from Brooklyn, NY. Trey has been a drummer for many artists,lounges and events, but is a permanent drummer for his Church, where he originally discovered his deep love for the instrument. I appreciate Treyvaughn’s love for the drums and his talent that he’s able to share with the world.

Milo Maestro


Milo Maestro, a Miami native, but now an Atlanta resident, puts all of his skills to work. Not only does he rap, but he also sings. He can be very versatile with his beat selections, making it easy for him to jump from a slow jam to a club banger. Milo is able to mix it up for his fans, which also brings new ones in overtime he drops a track.


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