Name: Blanc Rogers

Age: 23

Location: South Bronx, NY ( Melrose)


What motivates you?

“A person from the same circumstances & conditions as myself becoming successful at whatever it is they do is what motivates me the most. People like Jay-Z & Kanye West are perfect examples of the fact that, when all odds are against you, you can still prevail.”


How would you describe yourself as an artist?

“I’m the type of artist that won’t water down my music to sound like the next artist. My main goal is to remain different, even if people don’t understand me at times.”


Fun Fact:

“When I first started recording songs I started with the computer mic & some cheesy recording program (this was around 06′ btw).”

Contact info



SoundCloud: Blanc_Rogers


Written by Mighty

I'm on the come up. My name's Jeonni, but everyone calls me Mighty. I'm a 25 year old freelance writer from Flatbush, Brooklyn. I'm currently a digital media/ film production student. Music is my passion and I feel that A lot of artists don't get enough recognition, basically I'm here to make sure that we all eat. If you're an amazing artist, I will find you & I will blog about you!

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