New Kids On the Block: Scoot The Villain

Name: Scoot The Villain

Age: 27

Location: Brooklyn, NY (Linden)


Where are you from?

“Well, I was born on Powell St. and Howard Ave in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. Then my family moved to the East New York section of Brooklyn, Linden Housing Projects, when I was a child. I’ve been living there ever since.”


What inspires you?

“I get all of my inspiration from listening to music of all genres. Even the music on commercials have inspired me to make beats at times.

Other producers inspire me too…from the up and comers to the vets in the game.

 I draw a lot of inspiration from southern producers as a whole. The work of Southside, of 808 Mafia, has been my main source of inspiration lately.

Canada has some ill producers too…I often draw inspiration from them as well. Their 808 and hi-hat patterns are CRAZY!

Seeing everyone’s reaction when they hear a crazy beat or song is what motivates me. It’s the best feeling being able to see people genuinely vibe out to your music.”


How would you describe yourself as an artist?

“I would describe my productions as different. As cliché as that sounds, it’s true. No one, including myself, has ever been able to box my productions and say, “It belongs in ‘this’ category.”

It’s a mixture of “weird” sounds and drum patterns. You can identify with it, but it’s nothing you can pinpoint. However, I can create almost any style of production. I don’t feel like I have a signature sound or style as of yet. I just create what I feel at the moment.”


Fun Fact:

“I create best under pressure and I’m the most creative in the middle of the night.”

Contact Info:

SnapChat: Fleekmill

Twitter: ProdByScoot

IG: ProdByScoot (Though I have it temporarily disabled)

Soundcloud: ScootTheVillain

Email Inquiries:


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