New Kids On the Block: One 11

Name : One 11

Age: 25

Location: Brooklyn, NY (Crown Heights & the 90z area)


What or Who Inspires/Motivates you?

“Life inspires me, mistakes inspire me, and my faults inspire me . It’s a weird thing but my wrongs inspire me. Seeing the way natural life blossoms without the interference of man, inspires me.”


How would you describe yourself as an artist ?

“I’m a visionary without compromise. I’m not an artist for your ego, but one for your mind and thought patterns . Pineal antics of words that sow seeds in your soul only to understand what is being said another day…That’s the art of rap. It’s like playing a maze game with words.”


Fun fact:

“I definitely love to listen to J. Dilla instrumentals while wandering the Earth, imagining the world is in the palm of my hands.”

Contact info :

SoundCloud: Oneelevyn111
Facebook: One Elevyn

Download Revenge Of The Nappy Head mixtape on Audiomack


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