New Kids On The Block: Volume 1

It’s Motivation Monday and I wanted to do something a little different for the month of August! Since it’s August 1st,  I will be dedicating this month to all of the up and coming artists out there. You all deserve some recognition for your sleepless nights and long studio sessions.

I just wanted to remind everyone that our hard work never goes unnoticed, despite what we may think! So to all of the rappers, singers, producers, dj’s and pretty much anyone else doing something positive in life right now…KEEP GOING and you’ll reach your goal before you know it!

Dem Boyz From The Wood


First off, I want to say that these guys are dope! Not only do they have bars and flows, but they’re super down to Earth and humble about their work! I was blown away by the quality of their of tracks and the fact that they’re super versatile with their beat selections. Even though the group is made up of four members, Suspect Jay, 8o,Richie Lo and Yawnyell, they each shine differently on their tracks.


One 11


One 11 is a little more than just a rapper from Brooklyn. He tells stories and turns his memories to songs. The depth of One’s raps will have you in a whirlwind of emotional thoughts. When I listen to him rap, he’s so vividly descriptive that puts me in his shoes. One 11 is a little bit of hood, with a whole lot of consciousness, which is perfect for a young black man in the rap industry.


BullyGang Styx

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 4.14.09 PM

Bedstuy, Do or Die! Bully Gang Styx is exactly what you would expect from a Brooklyn rapper. Not only is he raw, but he brings that Brooklyn aggression (that we’re known for) while mixing it up with a little hustle and a lot of modesty. If I had to describe a BG Styx track, it would be a slight battle rap sound with a dope hook.


A Plug Named Pablo


The Plug!!!!! A Plug Named Pablo has Atlanta written all over him. It’s very obvious that he’s influenced heavily by southern trap, for the simple fact that his sound reminds me so much of Juicy J. I can definitely see A Plug Named Pablo making the next strip club banger.


Scoot The Villain


Scoot The Villain leaves you on your toes with every single track. His productions are completely outside of the box, with each and everyone sounding completely different from the next. If I could label Scoot as anything, he would definitely be labeled as a visionary in my eyes. His productions are well through out and all his own!


Blanc Rogers

image_1Blanc Rogers, ripping the Bronx, definitely gives off that uptown sound. He’s a little laid back, but don’t underestimate his ability to destroy an instrumental. Blanc can switch it up from spitting on a classic hip hop instrumental, to something with very little bass without even thinking about it. My favorite track by him is G.W.Y.N because it had the whole 90’s feel to it, but then again, he’s a 90’s baby.


Mozart Rick


I came across Mozart Rick one day randomly and I instantly became a fan, but what made me really fall in love with him as an artist is the fact that his music is completely off the wall. His tracks Window (which now features Juelz Santana), Rambo and All White are all on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. The fact that he’s a rapper who makes house music amazes me. He literally makes music for everyone to enjoy!


Damien The Architect

unnamed3What can I say? Damien The Architect is way ahead of his time. I sat and listened to all of his projects in one sitting because he’s a story teller and I wanted to know more of what happened in the stories he tells through his music. His sound is like a rough blend of familiar artists but at the same time, he’s all his own. Damien will definitely make it to the top and I’m looking forward to the world hearing his talents. I haven’t felt this way about an artist since….well, Frank Ocean.



13217130_856430951135610_1268691338919274043_oThe Brooklyn rapper Claymore might be one of the realest rapper’s that I’ve heard out of NYC lately. Claymore’s Summer Sixteen freestyle definitely took me back home to Brooklyn. Clay spit nothing but reality on that track, making his music super relative. He connects his fans to his own reality which is a great trait to have as a rapper!


K. Rhodes

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 6.05.13 AMKyle Rhodes is not your average rapper, actually, he’s not a rapper at all, but more of an entertainer. He does make trap music, yes, but when he’s not in the studio, he’s shutting shit down in the hottest clubs in NYC. He and his friends throw the most epic parties in ties with the ShutdownBoyz. Despite the fact that he’s more into the party scene, his tracks are super catchy and will definitely have you rapping along.


Derrick Milano

1411678905000-FullSizeRenderDerrick Milano has a bit of a buzz out in Orlando, FL for his track #ThatAintYaBitch. I actually first heard the track in Club ONO in Downtown, Orlando, BUT the track that really caught my ear was GOAT. GOAT is everything you’d expect it to be; A little cockiness, a handful of bass and a whole lot of “turn up.” Milano drops heat on any instrumental that’s thrown at him. He is always working on something new, with that being said, he easily keeps a fanbase and never disappoints. His consistency will take him far in this industry.


Look out for interviews with our first set of August New Kids On The Block.

Happy Monday! Enjoy your week and STAY MOTIVATED!


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