Run That Back: Goblin – Tyler, the Creator


“I’m Dracula B*TCH!…Don’t got a problem smackin’ a b*tch..” I had to run it back to 2011 when Tyler, the Creator dropped his debut album, Goblin. Goblin was the album that really blew Tyler and his Odd Future squad to the top of the charts.


The Goblin album was made up of 15 tracks (18 for the deluxe edition), with 8 of them featuring other members of Odd Future including Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Jasper Dolphin, Taco and Mike G. Not only did Tyler show us his oddly unique lyricism on this album, but he finessed his extraordinary skills as a producer on every track except Transylvania, which was produced by Odd Future’s own Left Brain.


“Sandwiches” was released on Oct. 8, 2010. The track, featuring Hodgy Beats, was originally released for free on the Odd Future website as a single, but ended up being added as the 9th track on the Goblin album, officially making it the first single off of the album. Goblin had three singles in total which included “Sandwiches,” “She,” which featured Frank Ocean, and the infamous, “Yonkers.”


Yonkers, Goblin’s second single, is the track that really made an impression on the world, including myself. That impression, was not the best one. I first discovered Tyler, the Creator on a random night while watching the video to Yonkers on MTV Hits. The video was hands down, the most horrific music video I had ever seen in my life.

Yonkers was released on February 14, 2011, ironically enough, there was absolutely NOTHING romantic about this track or it’s music video. Personally I was freaked out, but I absolutely loved it. It was weird, creepy and completely disgusting, but it was original and it’s something that had never been seen or done by any rap artist of our time.hangGoblin was released on May 10, 2011, and really pissed a lot of religious people off. Tyler the Creator, unlike many other rappers, did not thank a higher power, but talked down on religious beliefs instead. I wasn’t offended at all, but many people were and hated him for his jokes and light heartedness on religion. Many of his videos and lyrics included horrible things such as rape, suicide, and kidnapping (amongst many others), all of which are major issues in America today.

lolThe fact that Tyler did not display religious beliefs turned many people away from his music. Some people believed that he followed the anti-christ, but I honestly believe that he just does things to make Americans angry simply because he just gets a kick out of pissing people off. Regardless of his haters or what anyone thought of Tyler’s music, his Yonkers video landed him the Best New Artist award at the 2011 MTV VMAs and his Goblin album peaked at #1 for both US Top Hip Hop albums and US Independent Albums on the Billboard charts.

Goblin single handedly broke barriers for the people who were afraid to be different. People who found themselves to be less religious than others or boxed in by the “American dream” now have someone to look up to. Even though he can rap about a lot of negative things, he does gives the utmost love, positivity and inspiration to all of his fans.

980xPersonally, I can’t say that I have any favorite tracks from the album because I love them all, but if I had to choose my top 3, they would be:

  1. Fish, simply because it reminds me a lot of Tyler’s track VCR from his Bastard mixtape
  2. She, because this track is absolutely amazing (Where’s the album FRANK?!)
  3. AU79, because this instrumental track was completely unexpected and allowed me to actually hear Tyler’s talent as a producer.

fingersAside from Tyler the Creator’s insane way of things, he is an amazing artist. He’s a down to Earth fun loving guy whom, like most of us, loves a good laugh. He’s talented as a rapper, producer, actor and let’s not forget how hilarious this guy is. You just have to love this guy.

I have nothing but respect for Tyler and all of the work he puts in to his albums. Since Goblin, Tyler the Creator has released 2 studio albums, Wolf and Cherry Bomb, along with numerous mixtapes, singles and features. He has recently released a tape on June 9th called The Collections, which featured a vast blend of tracks from his past albums and mixtapes. I look forward to more work from Tyler the Creator and I’m still hoping for a full Tyler x Pharrell collaborative album one day.


Shoutout to @FeliciaTheGoat and the rest of the OFWGKTA squad.



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