5 years of Channel Orange


Today is  July 10th, which marks 5 years since the release of one of my all time favorite albums, channel ORANGE. Technically, it’s only been four “full” years since the album’s release, but it has been five years since the release of Channel Orange’s first single. Anyone that knows me at all, knows how deeply I love Frank Ocean. For me, this is a very bittersweet celebration. Yes, channel ORANGE was beyond amazing, BUT, Frank Ocean has yet to release a project since then, and it’s been FIVE WHOLE YEARS!

writeWe all know that Frank Ocean is known for his love songs, which is actually how the album got it’s name. Channel ORANGE was titled in reference to grapheme–color synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon, which explains how Franks expression of the color orange, was that of which he perceived during the summer when he had first fell in love. Hence, “channel ORANGE.”

channel your orangeAn old Frank Ocean tweet explains what it meant to him to “channel orange.” The tweet read, “Orange is a color of liberation, from the pains of hurtful love and inner insecurities. To ‘channel orange’ is to truly free,to be you.”

loveChannel ORANGE was made up of 17 beautifully written tracks. The album featured artists Earl sweatshirt, John Mayer and Andre 3000. All of the tracks on the album were mainly written by Christopher Breaux (Frank Ocean), except for the Fertilizer interlude, which was written by James Fauntleroy and Reginal Perry. Some of the writers and producers on the album include Pharrell Williams, Tyler the Creator, James Ryan Ho, Shea Taylor and many more.

tlistChannel ORANGE had five singles, including Thinkin’ Bout You, Pyramids, Sweet Life, Lost, and Super Rich Kids, all of which helped promote the album before it was released. The album was released digitally on July 10, 2012, one week before it’s original release date, to avoid the album from leaking.

We all love Frank Ocean, but I can speak for everyone when I say, “WHERE’S THE ALBUM FRANK?!” He has us all at the edge of our seats, anxiously waiting for the release of  his next studio album titled, Boys Don’t Cry, which was originally set to be released in July of 2015.runOne year later, Frank Ocean has posted a photo of an old library book return card, with a bunch of stamped dates, that read “Boys Don’t Cry” at the bottom. These stamped dates are all release dates for the new album. The last stamped date happens to be July of 2016, with the exact date impossible to see. It’s safe to say that Frank is playing with our emotions, but we still love him and hopefully he will release Boys Don’t Cry very soon.

boys-dont-cry-cardChannel Orange was and will forever be an amazing album. I want to thank Frank Ocean and everyone who has played a part in creating such an amazing album. Channel Orange has changed my life.



Huge Shoutout to Frank Ocean! Let’s enjoy our 5th year of the blessing that we call channel Orange.




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