Motivation Mondays

It is finally the last Monday in June! Many of us have graduated in the past few weeks and have begun our summer vacations, and I would like to give a huge congrats to everyone who has accomplished something so far this year. Let’s get the summer started and this last week of June rolling with a dope playlist!

10. All The Way Up – Fat Joe & Remy Ma feat. French Montana

Fat joe.gif

Get all the way up with Fat Joe and Remy Ma (Pun very much intended). With a double meaning, you can get up out of bed and to the top of the world with this track. If you’ve had no motivation to be great, Fat Joe, Remy & French will give you some motivation with this track.

9. The World Is Yours – Nas


Conquer the world, it’s yours! Nas blessed us with Illmatic in 1994 which featured the perfect line from the track The World Is Yours, “Who’s world is this?…It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine!” Go get what belongs to you!

8. Doin’ It Well – Fabulous feat. Nicki Minaj & Trey Songz


If you’re doin’ it well, who can do it better? Fab’s sample of LL Cool J’s “Doin It Well” will make you want to do better than everyone else around you. From Fab’s Summertime Shootout mixtape, fab had the perfect collab with Nicki & Trey for the track. Make sure that this week, when you do it….you’re doin’ it well!

7. *67 – Drake


“Walked up in my label like…WHERE THE CHECK DOE…” Drake was not taking anyone’s sh*t on this track, and neither should you. *67 is off of Drake’s “If You’re reading this, it’s too late” album, which was the perfect title for a surprise album. Drake reminds us that we run things and when money is involved, we are in charge. Take control of the week, do the impossible and kick down some doors to new opportunities.

6. Man Of My City – French Montana feat. Travis Scott & Big Sean

French Montana

Woke up feeling like you run sh*t?, then Man Of My City is the perfect track to bump to this week. If youve been feeling like you have fell off lately… get back to where you need to be with a little reminder of who you are. Show the city who REALLY runs things!

5. I’m Sicka – Juicy J

juicy j.gif

Juicy J is all about confrontation on this track. If you feel like last week was just full of some bullsh*t, then “I’m Sicka” is the perfect track to bump. Drop all of your negativities and do better than the rest this week with Juicy J.

4. Basement Freestyle – Travis Scott


“…I done made it out the basement, f*ck around and change the weather…” Travis Scott makes me feel like I can conquer anything with this track. The beat alone gets me amped to start my day. The Days Before Rodeo track will have you dancing through the whole week. Get out of the basement with this Basement Freestyle.

3. Champion – Kanye West


“Did you realize… that you are a champion…” Not quite sure if anyone else feels like a champion today, but I’m feeling like I’ve just won a gold medal. Kanye makes you feel like you’ve accomplished every goal you’ve ever set with this track. If you’re looking for a reason to go out and stunt on everything walking, Champion is the perfect song to listen to this week.

2. Peso – A$AP Rocky


“Tell my n*ggas quit the b*tching, we gon’ make it in a second.” This one is specifically for my wake and bakers. The airy beat and Rocky’s smooth flow throughout the track is the perfect way to get your day started. Rocky reminded us of the importance of the money motive with this Live Love A$AP track. Get to the money this week with “Peso.”

1. Waves – Joey Bada$$


“…’cuz all we tryna do is do good, put on my hood when I walk through hoods..” Joey Bada$$ spit nothing but facts and real life scenarios on this track, giving us the perfect motivation to be great and follow our dreams. The song’s beat in itself sounds like you’re on the move (what sounds to me like how it feels to skateboard)! Waves from Joey’s 1999 mixtape will send you back to what it was like being a kid growing up and wanting better things. This week, make sure that you work hard so that your momma doesn’t have to.


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