As most of you know, it’s officially Cancer Season. According to astrology the birthdays of the Cancer sign begin on June 21 and ends on July 22. Being that I, myself, am a Cancer, I’m feeling a bit special and would like to show love to all of the artists out there whom are also cancers.

There are so many artists and musicians out there who aren’t recognized on their birthday by their “fans”and potential fans, so in honor of myself and all of my fellow cancers out there, I’d like to give a little recognition and a special birthday shoutout to the late June, and July birthdays.

Here’s a quick list of a few cancers you may know.

Mozzy (June 24)

Ariana Grande (June 26) HAPPY BIRTHDAY @ArianaGrande

Missy Elliott (July 1)

Fredo Santana (July 4)

Mac Dre (July 5) – R.I.P.

50 Cent (July 6)

Inspectah Deck (July 6)

Joell Ortiz (July 6)

Cassidy (July 7)

Sevyn Streeter (July 7)

Capital Steez (July 7th) – R.I.P.

[2016 Steez Day Festival is in Los Angeles, Cali at The Novo]

Lil Kim (July 11)

Lady Saw (July 12)

Jim Jones (July 15)

Guru (July 17) – R.I.P.

Hopsin (July 18)

Gunplay (July 18)

King Magnetic (July 19)

Kool G Rap (July 20)

Casino Chino (July 21)

For the whole playlist, click HERE

Here are a few of our favorite Cancers outside of the music industry…

Iman Shumpert (June 26) HAPPY BIRTHDAY @ImanShumpert

Khloe Kardashian (June 27)

Tobey Maguire (June 27)

Mike Tyson (June 30)

Pamela Anderson (July 1)

Tom Cruise (July 3) [We have the same birthday!!]

Kevin Hart (July 6)

Sylvester Stallone (July 6)

Jaden Smith (July 8)

Sophia Vergara (July 10)

Bill Cosby (July 12)

Will Ferrell (July 16)

Vin Deisel (July 18)

Wendy Williams (July 18)

Robin Williams (July 21) – R.I.P.


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