Spotlight: Still Brazy – YG




YG is back and he’s taking us to Bompton with his new album, Still Brazy. The album features 17 tracks of pure Cali heat, from his selection of classic west coast beats, to his thugged out lyrics. Still Brazy is exactly what was expected from the 26 year old Compton rapper.


For those of you who are new to the YG wave, YG’s first signs of extended acknowledgement goes all the way back to 2009 when he released “Toot It & Boot It” with Ty Dollar $ign. “Toot It and Boot It” blew up over the summer of 2009, giving YG a name for himself in the rap industry.

I actually remember YG back in 2009 when the whole “jerk era” was a big thing on the west coast. He had a track called “She A Model” that I found to be pretty dope back in high school. She A Model was released before YG became mainstream.YG has grown drastically as an artist since then, becoming affiliated with a blood gang, which has had an impact on his music. Leaning more towards west coast gangsta rap, YG has extended his fan base of both gang and non gang affiliated fans. 

YG was eventually signed to Young Jeezy’s label, CTE World and later on Def Jam Records. After having a few minor setbacks with signings and release dates, YG eventually blew up when he released his debut album “My Krazy Life” under Def Jam Records, which was released back in March of 2014. My Krazy Life had features, including Drake, on “Who Do You Love?,” and “My N*gga,” featuring both produced by DJ Mustard. YG had 3 singles off of the My Crazy Life album, including My N*gga, Who Do You Love?, and Left Right, which is my personal favorite off of the album.

Still Brazy is YG’s sophomore album and was released June 17, 2016. The album was released under YG’s labels 400, CTE World and Def Jam Records. YG released “Twist My Fingaz” on July 17, 2015 which was the first single off of Still Brazy. “FDT” was released on March 30, 2016 as the second single from the album which featured Nipsey Hussle. YG’s latest single, “Why You Always Hatin” featuring Drake and Kamaiyah, became the third single off of Still Brazy when it was released on May 21, 2016.

Still Brazy is a dope album and YG did his thing with this one. Not only did he give us the classic Compton gangsta rap, but he also gave us an album that told a real life story of what its like being a rapper in Compton. Moral of the story, people will do you dirty, the girls will start flocking and people will ask for handouts when you’re up, you just have to know how to handle those situations when they pop up. So far, my favorite tracks off of the album are “Still Brazy,” “She Wish She Was,” “Bool, Balm & Bollective,” “Why You Always Hatin,” and “Gimmie Got Shot.” The album was everything I could ask for from a Compton gangsta and reminded me of a mixture of the movies The Wood, Menace II Society and Straight Outta Compton, with the way it was all put together. What more could we ask for?

400Shoutout to @YG and everyone who helped put together the Still Brazy album!

Get YG’s Still Brazy HERE


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