Bump That: Artist – A Boogie



A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie!!! New York City has bred yet another young rapper, this time around, from the Bronx. The uptown Highbridge rapper has been causing controversy in the rap industry with the release of his “Artist” mixtape. The title of the mixtape, “Artist,” plays a dual role, both being A Boogie’s birth name and his aspiring professional title.

clock-122On the mixtape Artist, A Boogie pours his heart out to his fans. During the writing process of the tape, A Boogie was going through relationship problems, which moved him to write the songs for this mixtape. The track “Money Over Everything” is the perfect example of Boogie pouring out his emotions. On the track, he raps about a girl that plays him for another dude, which is similar to a situations that he has gone through in his own personal life.

Still Think ABout You

His track “Friend Zone,” on the other hand, also spews feelings, but in a more loving and positive way. Friend Zone is a track written about a girl that shows interest in him but is already taken. Boogie explains how being in the friend zone isn’t all that bad, but regardless, he really likes the girl and will ride out for her. It’s very relatable.

The tracks “Still Think About You,” “Jungle,” “My Shit” and “Friend Zone” are the most popular songs off the tape, with each track holding over 1 million views and listens on both YouTube and SoundCloud. My personal favorite track is D.T.B/ Interlude which is a heartbreaking track of A Boogie pouring his feelings out to the girl who has broken his heart. So far A Boogie has gained the lyrical approval of DJ Khaled and Meek Mill, giving him an even bigger buzz from the famous artists’ fans.


After giving A-Boogie a listen, I love that each track displays a different scenario. He is very descriptive on his tracks, giving distinct visuals to anyone who listens. Not only are his tracks catchy, but they are very realistic scenarios. Many people disregard the fact that men also go through emotional stress and heartbreak on a daily basis and A Boogie wasn’t afraid to take a different route by bringing that to the surface. As an artist, Boogie took a huge risk heading into the rap industry with his heart on his sleeve, but it works for him and he has created a path for future artists to follow. I respect that as a young artist he was willing to pave the way for future artists to come. He raps about what he knows and what he’s been through, making his flow easy going and loved by many who dare not express that side of themselves.


Huge Shoutout to @A_Boogie_Wit_Da_Hoodie for this dope mixtape. I’m definitely looking forward to his future projects.


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