Spotlight: Devyn Rose



Some of you may ask “Who is Devyn Rose?” Well, Tanya Dormevil, also known as Devyn Rose is a Haitian-American indie singer/songwriter originally from Mt. Vernon, NY. She eventually moved to New York City to begin dancing at the Broadway Dance Center when she was 16. She sang in front of family and in the choir at her school, which is where her love of singing and performing originated. Not only does Devyn sing, write and dance, she also has a published cookbook called “Go Veg!,”to support the vegan lifestyle that she follows.


I’ve randomly come across Devyn Rose one day on Facebook after watching a bunch of random videos. I instantly fell in love with her track “Stellar.” Her lyrics on Stellar gave me the vibe of a spoken word poet. Her low tone of voice and raw unfiltered context reminded me of Erykah Badu.

Devyn Rose has three mixtapes, which includeThe Introduction (2009), Reflections of Love (2010), I’m Sorta Like A Big Deal (2011), and five EPs, which include Holidays At Home (2010), Pieces (2011), Devyn (2012), Want It All (2013), and Stellar being her latest project, which was released in 2015. Devyn Rose has been working on releasing music videos for her Stellar EP over the past few months. She recently released her music video for the song Robothot.


So far, my favorite Devyn Rose track is “Falling 4 U.” With this song, she put into words what most people think to themselves when they find themselves falling in love with someone. I could definitely relate. The music video for this track is unbelievably adorable. I literally smiled as I watched the entire video because it was the sweetest thing to see. I’m not sure who directed that video, but shoutout to them, it was beautiful.



Even though Devyn Rose has been around for a while, she’s new to me and I am looking forward to her future projects. Huge Shoutout to @IamDevynRose on her Stellar EP.

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