It Happened In Flatbush – The Underachievers


The Underachievers, for those who don’t know, consists of two rappers, Issa Gold (formerly known as Issa Dash) and AK The Savior, both from Flatbush, Brooklyn (my hometown). It Happened In Flatbush is the indigo duo’s third mixtape and sixth project overall, to drop over their career of the past five years.


UA have been around since 2011. They signed under famous producer Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder record label in 2012, but still released Indigoism and The Lords of Flatbush independently. Cellar Door and Evermore were released under the Brainfeeder label. Most people know of The Underachievers because of their association with the Flatbush Zombies, (whom are also from Flatbush, Brooklyn) who have recently released an album earlier this year. UA have gained a strong fanbase over the years, mainly from the release of their first two mixtapes, Indigoism and Lords of Flatbush, which I still listen to faithfully to this day. You can find Indigoism on iTunes or just click HERE.



The Underachievers dropped It Happened In Flatbush on May 17, 2016. The tape only had 10 tracks, but they were all powerful tracks. As many of the Underachievers other projects, this tape started off with a bang. Not only did UA keep their authentic sound all throughout the project, but it was done at different paces. Some tracks were slower than others, some had more bass and other had more drums, even so, UA delivered bars on top of bars.

The first track “Never Win,” immediately drew me in with it’s trippy beat, that reminded me of one their older tracks off of Indigoism, “Herb Shuttles.” The next three tracks, “Al Capone,”40 Cal,” and “Play That Way,” all had equally enticing productions. This is the kind of tape you have to blast just so you can feel how amazing the bass is on each track. The tape also features a few tracks named after celebrities, such as “Young Kobe” and “John Lennon,” paying homage and comparing themselves with the greats, all while emphasizing how they’re destined for their own greatness.  “Play That Part” is currently my favorite track off of the mixtape.

The Underachievers is known for their trippy sounding music that emphasizes the use of psychedelic drugs. I personally feel that their music paints full vivid pictures and is very relatable, especially coming out of Flatbush, I can relate to so many of their references. The entire tape consisted of amazing beats and off the wall lyricism. This tape was nothing less than what was expected from UA, and the internet agrees, with all of the outstanding reviews of It Happened in Flatbush, the tape received an average 4.5/ 5 stars.

If you haven’t heard the tape yet, or even if you’re new to The Underachievers wave, give It Happened In Flatbush a listen. With the tape reaching over 1.75 million listens on soundcloud within the past three weeks, UA has yet to let their fans down. Listen to It Happened in Flatbush HERE. Your ears will thank you and you can thank me later.

UOShoutout to @Issa_Gold and @AKTheSavior also known as @TheUnderachievers. Big up to Flatbush, Brooklyn and the whole NYC.




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