Views – Drake

One of the most anticipated albums of 2016, Views, was finally released on April 29, 2016. It has officially been two weeks since we’ve opened our ears to this newly evolved Drake.  We all know how versatile Drake can be, and of course, like all of his other albums, he has something for everyone to relate to on this album. At first, Views didn’t “WOW” me, but by the second or third full run through, I was completely in love with it.

We all know Drake is an artist that creates music from his heart and soul, putting his fans and listeners in the exact scenario of his songs. With every track on Views, Drake allows you to walk in his shoes through his lyrics. It all starts with “Keep the Family Close,” where Drake pours his heart out about the ending of a friendship/relationship. Drake also has songs on the album like Feel No Ways, Redemption, Too Good, U With Me?, and Child’s Play that makes you think of that one ex that did you wrong or just couldn’t hold it down.

On the other end, Drake dropped tracks like Faithful, With You, One Dance, Controlla, and Fire & Desire that explain how great things can be when a relationship has balance. He basically explains his appreciation for the women he’s come across and how they’ve had an impact on who he is and how he carries himself today.

Like every other album, Drake incorporated tracks like 9, Hype, Grammys, Pop Style and OF COURSE Views that refer to his full life of fame. With fame comes fake friends, enemies, haters and lots of money. These are definitely the tracks that will motivate one to push through the negative, follow their passions and get things done.

Before the album was released Drake dropped “Hotline Bling” on July 31, 2015 as the first single from the album, which became one of the hottest songs on 2015. He followed up with the singles “One Dance” and “Pop Style,” which were both released April 5, 2016, three weeks before the actual album release on April 29th.

In my opinion, this album isn’t necessarily “classic” Drake, BUT it definitely reflects who he is right now and I absolutely love that. Drake, as an artist, has grown and he continues to astonish his fans with every release, whether it be a feature, a collaborative album or just a random single. I love that his music keeps up with his artistic transitions and that he can keep his work current and ongoing. I’m sure I can speak for all of Drake’s fans when I say that we’ve been with Drake since his Degrassi days and we will continue to follow his career as one of the hottest rappers of our time.

Huge Shoutout to Drake, the 6 God, @Champagnepapi on a great album release and everyone who played a part in creating Views. If you haven’t already, make sure you give Views a listen. You can listen to and download the album HERE.


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