Bump That: Skrt – Kodak Black

SKRT SKRT SKRT!! I know Kodak Black came up out of nowhere. I’ve randomly heard one of his tracks playing in the club out in Florida one day and I had to Shazam it. Yes I did Shazam in the club, sue me.The song that was playing was No Flockin’. I know a lot of you have heard that track. It dropped back in 2015.


So after hearing No Flockin’ I wanted to see what this Kodak Black dude was about. I searched him and found his “Heart Of The Projects” mixtape, so I gave it a listen. That’s when I came across the track SKRT. I fell in love with it. What caught my attention is that it had a chill vibe to it, unlike most trap music, it’s a lot slower. A few days after hearing the track, Drake dropped an Instagram video of himself on his private jet on his birthday, dancing to the track. Honestly, Drake made me like the song even more. Shoutout to Drizzy, he knows good music.

Kodak Black is from Pompano Beach, FL., where he grew up in Golden Acres projects. He was inspired by Lil Boosie’s success, and looked up to him as a role model for his music career. He was eventually signed to “Dealz N Dollarz ENT,” also known as DND ENT, and dropped his first mixtape “Project Baby,” on Christmas day back in 2013 at the age of 16. Kodak found success with his label and two years later, remains signed under DND ENT.

Kodak Black falls under the trap category with majority of his fanbase being underground trap rap fans. He’s had many performance appearances and will continue to tour as he releases new projects. Make sure you BUMP THAT: SKRRRRTTTTT.


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