Run That Back: Section 80 – Kendrick Lamar

Hol’ Up. I have yet to meet a person who hasn’t admired Kendrick Lamar’s Section 80 mixtape. Section 80 was released July 2nd (the day before my birthday) back in 2011. I honestly did not know who Kendrick Lamar was until about a month after this tape was released. The first song I’ve heard by K-dot was “Hiii Power.”

After listening to Hiii Power, I needed to hear more of this guy’s music. I was put into a pure euphoric state listening to “Section 80.” Kendrick Lamar was a breath of fresh air for me. I had never , not in my ADULT lifetime, heard such soulful raps. I could hear it in his tone that his lyrics were well thought out and pieced together perfectly to make these fathomable scenarios.

Section 80 was made up of 16 tracks, with my personal favorites being Hol’ Up, ADHD, Poe Man’s Dreams, Kush and Corinthians and The Spiteful Chant. Actually, I loved the entire tape. I can listen to this tape on repeat all day long. Through out this project, Kendrick spits on different subjects from women lacking self love, infidelity, self righteousness, standing out and many more. I loved this tape because it had something for everyone. Anyone can listen to it and find at least one song that they can relate to.

Not only did Kendrick do a great job on his own, but he included great features and T.D.E (Top Dawg Entertainment) affiliates like Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q and BJ the Chicago Kid. As a fan, I didn’t stop there. Eventually I went back to listen to Kendrick’s older tapes, like the “Kendrick Lamar EP” and “Overly Dedicated.” Naturally, artists do grow as they find their niche, and Kendrick was no exception. He has changed over the years, but like fine wine, he gets better with the years. Thank You Kendrick Lamar! Now let’s RUN THAT BACK….Section 80.



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