New Kids On The Block: Svpreme Ink

Who said chicks can’t rap? Svpreme Ink will PROVE YOU WRONG!!! She’s a Brooklyn local, from Canarsie, before moving out to the suburbs in Long Island. Eventually she moved back Brooklyn, to Bushwick and later on, Flatbush, learning life lessons and gaining knowledge along the way.


“I don’t even hear it when you n*ggas talk…N*ggas from New York, n*gga, we ain’t budging when you n*ggas bark…” – from Svpreme’s track New York

Svpreme has a trap flow with a dash of femininity. She raps over the toughest beats with so much versatility. Svpreme isn’t afraid of the male dominant rap game and even though she’s a female, she makes it known that she has no problem destroying a dude on a track.

Supreme Ink dropped a mixtape named “The Paradox” back in 2015, which built her ever-growing fan base. Since then, many of her songs have reached over 10,000 plays.  She was featured on the “This Is Not Trapvilla (side B)” mixtape, which also featured other New York rappers including Dessy Hinds of Pro Era. She has had many performances including one at Santos Party House (which I’ve posted below).

Supreme has a bunch of tracks, one of which she released recently, named “Kawasaki Swerve.” Of course, the beat is dope and her flow is epic (..and you’re listening to it right now).

I’ve received the pleasure of personally interviewing Svpreme Ink and she’s a super dope person. Here’s the actual text from the interview:

Mighty: So where are you from/grew up?

Svpreme Ink: “I’m kinda from all over….Canarsie, moved to Long Island, then Bushwick, and Flatbush. I guess I learned a little something from everywhere I was.”

M: How old were you when you started rapping/rhyming/writing?

S: “Jesus, I was probably like 15. It was cool because it was just something me and my friends did as fun. No one expected to keep going, let alone make real money off this shit.”

M: As an artist what inspires you and/ or got you into rapping?

S: “Personally, I pull inspo from everything…Movies, circumstances, friends, and other music. Right now, I would say my man inspires me the most. I want to be great….For me and him.”

M: What does it feel like being a female rapper in a male dominant industry?

S: “It’s trash. The double standards in the game is crazy. I’ve never been a fan of the politics and all, but I dont mind. As long as niggas know, I’m not here to compete with other female artists. Im here to show them too, that a girl could do what they do, even better.”

M: What makes you stand out as an artist?  What’s your greatest quality?

S: “I can’t answer that. That’s a question for the people who listen to me. I think my greatest quality is that I’m so young. I have so much time and space to grow and find myself.”

M: If you could be featured on anyone’s track, who would it be and why?

S: “Uhhhhh, as for an artist, Chief Keef. Him and his clique just sounds like they have so much fun creating. It would be an experience. Plus, he birthed a lot of these niggas and their sound, and no one really gives him that kinda credit. As for a producer, TNGHT. Their productions make my heart drop man. I feel like it would be so fun, yet challenging to body some of their work. It would be an experience. Im always down for that!”

Our interview was pretty dope and I see her making moves in the near future. I honestly can’t wait until she blows up for the world to hear her talents. She’s dope. SHOUTOUT TO SVPREME INK!!!!

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