New Kids On The Block : Itzz Frost

BROOKLYN IS ON A ROLL!!! We all know that Brooklyn is flooded with talent…. but who is Frost?  Itzz Frost grew up in Brooklyn, out in Brownsville, Fort Green and Bushwick. He gives off the battle rapper vibe with a lot of heat and a little bit of attitude.

“I was about 9 years old when I seen B.I.G perform on television…the energy, style and lyrics inspired me….and the way he got so much love from it was amazing to me.”

Not only is Frost inspired by the late, great Biggie Smalls, but his follow ups include Jay-Z and Jadakiss. His personal flow isn’t too far off from that of an early 2000’s rapper, especially from New York City. What makes Frost so different is that he isn’t trying to fit in with other rappers. He doesn’t portray himself as a drug dealer, gang banger or a murderer. He speaks his mind through his music, never holding back on what he wants the world to hear, and does so without riding the wave of what every other rapper is doing.


I felt that they [Jay-z and Jadakiss] were the best to listen to after Biggie passed. It’s kind of like they picked up where he left off in a way….but nobody can do it like BIG.

I’ve heard Frost’s Hot N*gga freestyle and thought it was dope, but when I heard his “Turnover Freestyle,” I was blown away. It was almost like I was going through a hip-hop timeline. Most upcoming rappers can’t roll over lyrics onto another beat with as much ease as Frost did on this recording. He rapped over five different beats, paying a bit of homage within his bars along the way. Frost is currently working with the legendary Pete Rock, and has a video and mixtape on its way. Overall Frost is dope, look out for him. I can see him being featured on a famous rapper’s song really soon. Shoutout to Itzz Frost.



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