New Kids On The Block: Cap Colorado

Uptown, WADDUP! Cap Colorado was born out in the Bronx,174th East side to be exact, then later moved down to Sugar Hill in Harlem. His older brother had ties with Roc A Fella’s street team back in the early 2000’s, giving Cap the opportunity to hear the newest Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, Dip Set, Young Guns and Neptunes music before it even hit the streets. With that being said, he grew up with an ear for hip hop.


“I was always around hip hop and was inspired by the technique and the production. I [eventually] ventured more into hip hop and music in general. I started to take it seriously and began writing when I was 15.”

Cap Colorado is a part of the “Money Talks Association” or better known as M$T$A which was established back in 2008 with other members Baby Face Cheech, Boy Billions 10GBeatz and Hbeatz. To this day M$T$A still stands as a collaborative music collective, working on both solo projects and collaborations with other upcoming artists.

Cap Colorado has a bit of a stoner meets indie vibe, with a chill, laid back kind of sound. Being inspired by Pharrell Williams and The Gorillaz, Cap aims to stand out and be himself. What makes him different from other rappers is that he isn’t afraid of evolution or becoming a better version of himself.

“…Im not afraid of becoming a better or different me. Honestly, I don’t consider myself a rapper…. I feel like that title is a bit of a box.”

Cap Colorado’s track “Rob The Bank” is based on exactly what you would think, MONEY. With the “by all means necessary” motive, Cap is telling you to keep your mind on your funds, and go get it. Shoutout to Cap Colorado for the interview, 10GBeatz (on the production) and the Trapvilla squad.



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