Formation – Beyonce’

Queen Bey has dropped a surprise song and video on us today named “Formation.” Beyonce’s video is dedicated to her southern culture, where she mentions her dad being from Alabama and mom being from Louisiana, creating a Texas born baby, which would be herself. The idea of the video is empower African American culture with a hint of “Black Lives Matter,” but mostly to acknowledge and embrace Black History Month.

In the video Beyonce’ lies on top of a New Orleans police car that seems to be sinking under water, bringing attention back to what happened during hurricane Katrina. Beyonce also wears old fashioned styled clothing and mentions her love for afros and big “Jackson 5” nostrils, referring to the beauty in black culture, and of course her daughter Blue Ivy, who was in the video, and husband whom she loves. She, and her dancers, wore their hair in natural styles with afros, braids, twists and locs, through out the entire video.

One section of the video had a little boy in all black, wearing a hoodie, dancing in the streets as he stood facing a line of S.w.a.t. like police officers. The little boy held his arms out to his sides and the police officers put their arms in the air, as wall of graffiti that read “stop shooting us” flashed across the screen. This clip is a tribute to all of the unarmed african american men (and women) who were shot and killed by police in the past few years.

I love the video and the message behind it. Let’s all thank Beyonce’ for being another voice of the African American people, no thanks to Stacey Dash or Raven Symone. Never forget where you’ve come from, embrace your hair, your melanin enriched skin and your culture. Learn YOUR history, not the history that’s been fed to us.

Happy Black History Month to all of you Kings and Queens!



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