New Kids On The Block: Swagg Vs. K.H.A.N.

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We all love Rowdy Rebel’s “Computers,” which explains why so many people free-styled over it. This particular freestyle caught my ear because it gave the original track a completely different sound. I really enjoyed the mixture of flows over this beat which made K.H.A.N and BruceeLeeroy stand out. The bars were easy to take in and the ad-libs were dope through out the song.


Swagg vs K.H.A.N, a Brooklyn rapper from East New York, discovered his love for rap back when he was about 12. He grew up listening to a lot of Jay-z, which helped him fall in love with the rap game. He was inspired by his love for music all in itself.

“I grew up on a lot of Jay-Z, but I wouldn’t say he inspired me. God is my inspiration… At first, it was something I’d keep to myself, but being raised in a church, if someone knew you were talented, after a while, they’d force it out of you…”

The rapper started building his craft under his street name “Swagg,” which began to fade as he’d began taking his craft seriously. He felt that as his music and flows changed, and his sound had gotten better and more original, that he needed a name that suited his new original sound. He came up with the name K.H.A.N, which is a Mongolian name meaning king, and has personal value to him. He decided to keep “Swagg,” making his title Swagg vs K.H.A.N  which represents his past and his present.

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“Im not one of those ‘do it to be signed’ type of artists. I do it because this is something that I am good at, and I constantly learn to master it. I just want to be able to share my work and my craft with others.”


I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing K.H.A.N and here’s how it went:

What makes your sound unique?

“I’ll say my beats and the theme I add on to a song, whether it’s a club song or a street song , feel me . Every song has story.”

How do you know when you have the right instrumental for you to rap over?

“When I call up my producer or one of my friends like “Yo, let’s record,” we usually sit and cypher through beats for hours. Everything I do is based on energy and vibe, so once a certain beat pattern catches me, or the sound of a certain high hat, piano or whatever, it’s just on from there .”


If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be?

“Ty Dolla $ign, Fetty Wap, Dej Loaf, 50 cent & a few others.”

What was your first performance like?

“Ahhh man….My first performance was crazy!

I can’t front, it was nerve wrecking but I had my peoples with me. The same people that would be sitting, chilling in the living room with me spitting freestyles. Things got better….I turned up, flipped the stage and bounced.”

Fun Fact

“A random fun fact about me isssssss….. I’m a FOOOL!!! A straight joker, I play all day! 😂😂😂 People know it…A LOT of people know it, and some people hate it, but it’s whatever.”

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K.H.A.N’s track “Why You Lie,” was recently released as a promo track for his “Your Girl’s Favorite Rapper” mixtape, which is currently in progress. Rumor has it that the tape is set to drop very soon, so look out for Swagg vs K.H.A.N’s next project! Overall I think Swagg vs K.H.A.N is dope. As an artist, he has a long way to go and lots of space to grow along the way. I can see him doing big things in the future, not only because of his work, but because he’s such a down to earth guy.

Shoutouts to Slick Pusha, JC Messiah and BruceeLeeroy on all of the K.H.A.N collaborations. CATCH UPPPPP!!!!

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