Evol – Future

OF COURSE…..Future does not quit. HE DID AGAIN!! Featuring producers Metro Boomin, Southside, and Ben Billions, just to name a few, Future has dropped another album on us today and its called “Evol.”

Following the release of Purple Reign, which dropped a few weeks ago, “Evol” is already all the talk of the town, even with it being released earlier today. On Purple Reign, Future showed a bit of his sensitive side, and I think it is safe to say, he was reminiscing on past relationships. Ciara maybe? Hmmm. On the other hand, with his opening track “Aint No Time” on the “Evol” album, I can definitely say that our Future, is back to his “Future Hendrix” self.


Future brings a bit of everything to the table with this album. He speeds it up for the clubs and slows it down a bit for the ladies. He has his lustier tracks like “Low Life,” featuring The Weeknd, which is actually the ONLY feature on the entire album, and then he has his well known beastly trap beats, on songs like Program, Lil Haiti Baby, Xanny Family, and Maybach.

If you’re a Future fan, you’ll LOVE the “Evol” album, and if you weren’t a Future fan before, you will be after hearing the it. Huge shoutout to “Future Hendrix” for the back to back releases. Continue grinding and sending the world new heat. Don’t be like Frank Ocean. 



You can purchase Future’s Evol Here .






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