Run That Back: When I Come Around – Dom Kennedy

I know it’s mid-winter and pretty cold out, but let’s take things back to the summertime. Dom Kennedy is one of my favorite Cali artists right now. He’s straight out of Leimert Park out in Los Angeles, and makes sure that his fans know it by mentioning his home town throughout his music. He gives off the typical California vibes of beautiful people and amazing landscapes in his lyrics. Whenever I hear “When I Come Around,” I feel as if I’m personally driving down Sunset Boulevard in a convertible coupe with the top down.


“When I Come Around” was featured on Dom K.’s “From the Westside With Love II” album, which was a sequel to his “From the Westside With Love” mixtape, that featured two of Dom’s well known tracks, “1997” and “Locals Only.”

“From the Westside With Love II” was originally released in June of 2011. The tape gave an epic summertime vibe of good bud, shown love, bad bit*hes and lots of sunshine. Dom Kennedy is known for his late spring / early summer releases for that exact reason. His music makes you want to just chill, vibe out and enjoy a great day.


Even though the “From the Westside With Love” mixtape was pretty dope, “From the Westside With Love II” was definitely a favorite of mine, and a tape to help anyone enjoy a summer (or any day) full of sunshine. Now, RUN THAT BACK!!!! 


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