New Kids On The Block : Loaf Muzik’s Shine Sinatra

Now we’ve all heard that New York City molds the greatest rappers right? Well, the legend continues with LOAF MUZIK’s very own Shine Sinatra. First off, let me start by saying the LOAF MUZIK squad takes me back to when hip-hop was at it’s finest. These guys are super flexible with whatever beat they choose to spit over. They can take you back to the early 90’s on one track, then jump right back into 2016 like there’s nothing to it. Shine Sinatra first caught my ear with his track “Pyrex.” The egotistical song will put anyone in that “IDGAF what anyone has to say about me” kind of mood. Some of the lyrics actually states “Don’t tell me sh*t, IDGAF…”


Shine Sinatra can jump in and out of his old school flow with ease, making it easy for him to appeal to anyone with a deep love for hip hop. Not only does Sinatra rap, but he is also a producer and an actor.



“Growing up, I had to overcome many obstacles, and become accustomed to the everyday struggles of being a teen, but this lifestyle is where my music originates”…..”I put everything I’ve witnessed and experienced into my music, venting all my emotions and struggles into the lyrics I write,” says Sinatra on the website.


I instantly became a big fan of this guy after hearing “Keeping it Real,” and I have no doubt that he and the rest of  LOAF MUZIK will be blowing up very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for LOAF’s Shine Sinatra. Also look out for Shadow the Great, Kidaf, and Oso Dope. Shoutout to #LoafMuzik



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