Run That Back : Macadellic – Mac Miller

Mac Miller, of course has his own amazing sound, I’ve never heard anyone like him. With that being said, Macadellic was and still is hands down one of the greatest mixtapes to ever bless my ears. It opened my mind to a new sound of music. I was first introduced to Mac Miller when I saw his “Wear My Hat” video in 2011. After that, I listened to a few of mixtapes and really liked him. “The Best Day Ever” mixtape is what really had me excited to hear more of his music.


Mac Miller finally dropped Macadellic in April of 2012, when I heard the hit single “Loud.” I gave the tape a listen and fell in love. The first song that really caught my attention was “Vitamins.” It was stocked with very vibrant, yet trippy lyrics that I found to be extremely descriptive and realistic. Of course those “vitamins” were actually a metaphor for drugs, but the song made me feel amazing whenever I listened to it. The entire mixtape amazed me actually.

Mac Miller had features from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Juicy J, Sir Michael Rocks, Cam’ron and even had Iman Omari sing on a few tracks. This mixtape has a little something for everyone from the smokers, to the deep thinkers, we could all relate to something on Macadellic. Mac Miller thought outside of the box when he put this tape together, from the French girls in the interludes, to the lusty sounds at the end of some tracks, to the tracks themselves, he aimed to be different and achieved it.

Let’s all thank Mac Miller for blessing us with Macadellic.


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