Rihanna drops her first single of 2016 this morning, called “Work” off of her new “ANTI” album, and within the past few hours, the track has been buzzing all over the internet. This is Rihanna’s first single since “BBHMM,” and it’s looking like another hit is under her belt. With this track the Bajan artist gives a bit of an island vibe, with a beat on the slower, more sensual side, but uptempo enough to remain in her usual pop genre. It sounds like Boi1da was thinking about a vacation in the islands with this one.

Drake x Rihanna

“Work” is featuring Drake, who comes in on the second verse, implying that he needs time to give his girl a little “work,” after work, if you know what I mean. Drake is known for being more on the sensitive side, and lets his girl know that she is the one for him. With the lyrics “…if you had a twin, I would still choose you, I don’t wanna rush into it if it’s too soon…,” Drake is being the ladies man that everyone knows him to be. The track is a hot one and I have no doubt that it will be playing on your radios sooner than.

The Anti album is now on Tidal. It looks like Rihanna has been putting in that extra #WORK.


Listen to the whole ANTI album on Tidal




Written by Mighty

I'm on the come up. My name's Jeonni, but everyone calls me Mighty. I'm a 25 year old freelance writer from Flatbush, Brooklyn. I'm currently a digital media/ film production student. Music is my passion and I feel that A lot of artists don't get enough recognition, basically I'm here to make sure that we all eat. If you're an amazing artist, I will find you & I will blog about you!

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