Rowdy Rebel – Shmoney Keeps Calling

GS9’s Rowdy Rebel, known for his 2015’s summer radio hit “Computers,” has dropped a tape called “Shmoney Keeps Calling.” The tape was originally released earlier this month to bring in the new year. Rowdy Rebel, and associate Bobby Shmurda are currently incarcerated on Rikers Island, but that didn’t stop the Rebel himself from releasing new heat on this mixtape.

rowdy bobby.png

“Shmoney Keeps Calling” features well known artists like Lil Dirk, Bobby Shmurda, French Montana and some new comers like Corey Finesse and “Milly Rock’s” own 2Milly, both Brooklyn natives. This tape has the typical Rowdy Rebel sound to it, hard beats, gun talk, money making lyrics and lots of ad-libs. SHMONAEYYYYYYYY!!!! The wait was well worth it. #FreeRowdy #FreeBobby #FreeGS9


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