Royalty – Chris Brown

Royalty was originally dropped on Dec. 18th 2015. I can say this is one of the greatest albums I’ve heard in a while. Chris Brown has put so much variety into this one album, it’s ridiculous. From CB’s typical baby makers like “Back to Sleep,” his dance tracks like “Wrist” and “Anyway,” to his more heartbreaking tracks like “Discover,” Chris Brown covered it all on this album. There was so much passion put into these tracks, that it almost felt as if Chris Brown personally walked you through the ups and downs of his life over the past two years.



Despite the obvious love lost expressed on the album, CB has grown as a man and as a father through it all. As a fan I am so proud of where Chris Brown is now as a man. CB expressed his love for his daughter Royalty in the track “Little More (Royalty).” His baby girl Royalty has changed him for the better and I pray that he maintains the happiness his heart holds right now. Shoutout to Chris Brown on the album. Great Job.


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