Bryson Tiller vs. Tory Lanez

Bryson tiller

Bryson Tiller, the new ladies man is blowing up quickly. The 23 year old, originally from Kentucky, first drew the ladies in with his original lyrics on his song “Don’t,” where he’s directing his lyrics to a lady whom was assumed to be mistreated by what seemed to be her boyfriend. Bryson Tiller’s album title “TrapSoul” matches his sound perfectly. He has beautiful vocals over trap-esque beats, along side slower, more emotion driven tracks such as “Exchange.” Bryson is definitely on his way straight to the top.


Toronto’s very own Tory Lanez, much like Drake, a rapper and singer wrapped up into one amazing artist. In his latest mixtape “The New Toronto,” Tory Lanez gives a mixture of trap, R&B and Hip-Hop all at once. Tory Lanez is unique to me because of his many different blends of tones and sounds that he’s able to make work, amazingly in every song. He swaps between rapping and singing, and he excels at both. I look forward to new work from Tory Lanez in the near future.

For me, some days are Bryson Tiller days, and others I feel more of a Tory Lanez vibe. It really depends on my mood. I can’t say that either artist is “better” than the other because they’re very different in sound. I like them both, each in his own way. Shoutout to Bryson Tiller & Tory Lanez!!!!

Make sure you get both “Trap Soul” and “The New Toronto.”

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